Bench 54

9 kW

Wood stove

Bench 54

A bit stove, a bit fireplace, fire becomes modular.

Bench 54 is the stove with an innovative design: the fireplace "goes out of the box" with all its threedimensionality and meets the versatility of a stove. It can be placed in any area of the house, even to separate two different environments, and the chimney becomes an integral part of the design.

• Ecokeram hearth and cast iron fire grate
• Smoke outlet Ø 15 cm upper, female
• Glass cleaning system
• Post-combustion system
• Available in N (natural convection)


Bench 54 is modular thanks to its 3 elements:

• Module A with bench 70 - 67(L)x50(P)x52(H) cm
• Module B with bench 120 - 120(L)x58(P)x35(H) cm
• Module C with trolley 70 - 67(L)x51(P)x53(H) cm

In both cases (module A and B), the bench can be used as a wood compartment or as a storage compartment.

Module C: this practical solution, with removable wood trolley on wheels, allows you to comfortably transport wood from the storage point to the stove fireplace without soiling the house with wood chips or dust.

Technical data min/max
width cm 67
depth cm 50
height cm 56
fireplace mouth measurement (W x D x H) cm ---
useful heat output kW 9,4
efficiency % 85,4
fuel consumption (wood) kg/h 2,4
Ø combustion product outlet cm 15
Ø external air intake cm 8
total weight kg 158
vol. that can be heated (insul. env. by Law 10/91) 245

Wood stove

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