Firebox® wood inserts are compact monobloc fireboxes, particularly suitable to be inserted into old, malfunctioning fireplaces and are also very easy to cover.


• When you want a firebox that on taking advantage of the heat of the fire transforms the fireplace into an economic means of heating

• When you want a quick practical and safe means to quadruplicate the heat efficiency of your open fire

• When you have the choice between natural convection heating (type N) or with forced ventilation (type V)

• When you want a quality firebox entirely in cast iron with steel structure

• Where space is precious

• Where there is a small flue (from Ø16 to Ø20 cm)

• For easy transport and installation in less than 2 hours, without the intervention of builders

• With a large ceramic glass door, which without removing the pleasure of seeing the fire, guarantees a rational exploitation of the heat and continuous functioning, also during the night, with minimum consumption of wood

• With the possibility of distributing hot air from the front panel or through two flexible aluminium pipes connected to the two upper outlets

• With the combustion product gate valve, equipped with automatic opening device and removable, o make flue cleaning easier.