Edilkamin&Co. is a European leader in the domestic biomass heating sector. Founded in 1963, it boasts over 60 years of experience in the production of wood and pellet stoves, boilers, fireplaces, and inserts. With a consolidated network of retailers and service centres distributed throughout the national territory, it successfully exports cutting-edge technologies, designs, and solutions, in line with the changing needs of contemporary living, to more than 40 countries. Today, the company boasts a team of more than 400 employees, over 1.500 retailers and 60+ agents worldwide. From family-run enterprise to corporate company, Edilkamin&Co. today enjoys international recognition, and operates throughout Italy and Europe with a solid and efficient organisation.

Lainate (Italy)

Edilkamin S.p.A. operations headquarters are located in Lainate (Milan), which since 1982 has been home to the company's General Management, Business Entities, Marketing, Administration, and Information Technology departments, including classrooms for technical and business training, in addition to a showroom occupying more than 1.000 m² with the entire range on.

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sede centrale

Gabbioneta Binanuova (CR)

Gabbioneta Binanuova, in the province of Cremona, is where the historical Edilkamin&Co. plant is based, where each year more than 30.000 stoves and 10.000 fireplaces are produced, employing 200 collaborators to serve 40 countries worldwide.

Lavagno (VR)

Lavagno, in the province of Verona, is where the technical centre and research & development laboratory is found, where new products are designed and developed, prototypes are created, and operating tests are carried out, before sending the products to the relevant Institutions in order to obtain the necessary approval and certifications,

production plant in Sarvar and showroom in Budaörs, Budapest (Ungheria)

Edilkamin International K.f.t., in Hungary, includes a production plant covering 24.000 m² (of which 12.000 are indoor) in Sarvar. This is where wood products are produced, steel is processed, and products are stocked for distribution to Eastern European countries. Moreover, a 3-floor 1.300 m² building hosts an elegant showroom on the ground floor, offices on all floors, and a terrace. A showroom of 450 m² across 3 levels, including product displays and meeting/training rooms, is located in Budaörs, near Budapest.

Lyon (France)

Edilkamin France sarl, less than thirty kilometres from Lyon, in Saint-Priest, is the French branch with headquarters in a 400 square-metre building, which includes a training centre with classrooms and functional products, as well as offices for pre- and post-sales services with native speaking staff.

Girona (Spain)

Edilkamin Iberica S.I., is the Spanish branch in Girona, where Spanish and Portuguese sales are managed.

Athens (Greece)

Edilkamin Hellas s.r.l., with offices and a showroom in Athens, is the Greek branch dedicated to sales in Greece.