Wood thermo fireplace

Aquamaxi 28

kW 26

Wood burner which powers both radiator and under-floor heating systems for the whole house, suitable for cooking uses.
Can be combined with solar panels and/or gas boilers.

Versions available:
- with single coil
- with double coil
- with single coil, open-tank hydraulic kit with built-in electronic control unit (left or right); open tank supplied.

• Combustion chamber in steel and ecokeram material
• Thick steel structure
• Intake/output tubes on both sides for easy installation
• Glass-cleaning system
• Adjustable feet
• Isolated from the air of the external environment

• Obligatory heat discharge valve on coil for closed-tank installation
• Hydraulic kit
• Rotisserie

Technical data min/max
width cm 108
depth cm 66
height cm 178
fireplace mouth measurement (W x D x H) cm 73x45x48
useful output kW 25,9
useful output to the water kW 13,8
efficiency % 77,9
fuel consumption kg/h 7,2
water content l 90
Ø combustion product outlet cm 25
Ø external air intake cm 10
total weight kg 475
vol. that can be heated (depending on the type of system) 675

Wood thermo fireplace

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